Invitation for membership with Cluster Trakia Economic Zone

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Invitation for membership with Cluster Trakia Economic Zone

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Cluster Trakia Economic Zone /CTEZ/ I have the honor to invite the company you represent to become an associate member of the association, whose team created and manages Trakia Economic Zone, the largest and most sustainable industrial zone in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe.

We hope that with the strength of this union we will participate even more effectively in making economic decisions for Bulgaria – at national and international level. The ultimate goal is to become an unavoidable factor with a “voice” in the economic life of the country, so that we can even more strongly defend the opinion of business /employers/ in general.

  2. to participate in the activities of the Association;
  3. to participate in the General Assembly with the right of advisory vote;
  4. to be informed about the activity of the Association;
  6. to implement the decisions adopted by the General Assembly and the operational decisions by the Management Board;
  7. to comply with the statutes and work to achieve the goals of the Association;
  8. to work for the development and raising of the public authority of the Association;
  9. to pay a membership fee, as established by the relevant competent authority of the Association.
  • Based on the fact that the different zones in the composition of Trakia Economic Zone have specific problems to solve, after consultation with some of the companies we decided to structure the zones as regional units of Cluster Trakia Economic Zone – Kuklen, Maritsa, Rakovski, etc. Each regional unit nominates a chairman on a rotating basis. The Chairman has the option to delegate part of his duties to the Executive Director of the Association.
  2. Representation before the local and state authorities /Trakia Economic Zone is a brand created 7 years ago, which is already internationally renowned, with great authority before the Bulgarian and foreign institutions/. For example, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the CTEZ team, together with the companies, developed proposals to the NB government.
  3. Placing, discussing and resolving problems in each regional unit before the relevant institutions, for example: maintenance of road infrastructure, snow removal, removal of municipal waste, public transport to the area, optimization of infrastructure related to the supply of electricity, water and internet etc. For example: We entered the District Administration with a request from the companies in the Kuklen area for public transport stops in the local lanes of Asenovgradsko Shosse.
  4. Receiving free CVs of various professionals looking for work.

An innovative platform for employers and workers becomes our partner.

  1. We make a strong business education connection. Cluster members and partners are several universities and vocational high schools, with which we work on joint projects to acquire knowledge and skills needed by business. For example, we are currently implementing a project with 4 vocational high schools for practical classes in our Vocational Training Center TRAKIA.
  2. Providing free access to training materials created on the basis of a 2-year Erasmus + project. CTEZ is a partner in the project “Community for raising the qualification of engineering and technical staff through active learning”, which involves universities and chambers of commerce and industry from 4 countries. We are currently investigating the skills shortage of engineering and technical staff in the mechanical engineering and mechatronics sector. Some of the companies from TEZ joined the survey. In the next year and a half, the study material will be prepared, an online platform for active learning of the community and a mobile application in the form of a database with educational resources will be created.
  3. The use of Vocational Training Center TRAKIA, the only one of its kind in Bulgaria – situated in an industrial zone, equipped with the latest generation of equipment. Companies can use training, qualification and retraining of their staff – respectively for preferential fees.
  4. Receiving free PR related to the general activities of the Cluster, as well as preferential prices for individual initiatives. When the press information is for the Cluster and its members, as well as for the Trakia Economic Zone, the media usually copy the information, as opposed to a company looking for media appearances on its own. In the last 7 years there have been hundreds of thousands of publications about the Trakia Economic Zone and its investors. Dozens of foreign media outlets made positive reports, sending reporters on the spot to many of the companies. In this way, the companies themselves received free national and international advertising, which saved them thousands of levs. The media is looking for information from the Cluster and TЕZ and we direct which companies to turn to for publications or reports. The team of CTЕZ nominates companies in renowned national competitions.
  5. Preferential prices for advertising and advertising publications in various media.
  6. Receiving 1 free publication in the monthly bulletin of the Trakia Economic Zone, which has over 1,000 subscribers and is uploaded on the site and social networks, as well as 1 free information sent to other companies by TЕZ /in search of partnerships, offering services and products/. The amount for both services is BGN 1,600 without VAT.
  7. Providing complex marketing services, organizing events, preparing video and photo content. Involvement in various studies on business problems.
  8. Preferential prices when using the legal services of Respect Consult – the legal consultant of Trakia Economic Zone. Respect Consult, for example, helped change the wastewater discharge ordinance, a case that solved the legislative problem for both companies and municipalities.
  9. Assistance in obtaining a Class A Investor certificate for companies at preferential prices.
  10. Preferential prices for the services of the laboratory for accredited activities for testing of test specimens and calibration of technical means, which is in the process of creation.
  11. Assistance for establishing cooperation between the member companies for joint projects.
  12. Creation and participation in various projects at national and European level. We have implemented such under European programs.
  13. Preferential prices from the Cluster’s partners – local and world leaders in their fields, which provide the companies from the Cluster with industry-focused audit, tax and consulting services. During the coronavirus pandemic, for example, we agreed with them to prepare projects for anti-crisis programs for interested companies, and to pay them after receiving the money for the projects. Partners are also companies that provide software products, security, cleaning, catering and more.
  14. Trakia Economic Zone is the basis of the Consortium Zero Carbon Industrial Parks – the Bulgarian project that meets the policies of the “Green Deal” of the European Union. The consortium will achieve its goals through activities in the field of Mechatronics (new vehicles and robotics), Energy (energy efficiency, energy management, hydrogen production, biogas, solar energy, wind energy, energy cooperatives), Bioeconomics, Digitalization and social cohesion (education and training, construction of kindergartens and social housing, medical centers, involvement of all social communities, and promotion of social entrepreneurship) and Applied Research. Initially, the companies will be able to receive “green energy” from the pilot solar park in the Rakovski zone, the implementation of which is being prepared.

THE MEMBERSHIP FEE for the associated members of “Cluster Trakia Economic Zone” is BGN 7,200 without VAT per year /BGN 600 per month, the contributions are in the 4th quarter/.

With a one-time installment of the annual membership fee, the discount is 25% – BGN 5,400 without VAT. 






With respect:

Eng. Plamen Panchev

Chairman of Cluster Trakia Economic Zone