One way to attract investors is to realization carbon neutrality

One way to attract investors is to realization carbon neutrality

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Name: Dimitur Balarev 

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One of the ways to attract investors is to achieve carbon neutrality, said Plamen Panchev, executive director of Trakia Economic Zone (TEZ), in the show “In Development” hosted by Veronika Denizova.

“Within about 10 years, for at least one or two of the parts of the Trakia Economic Zone, we are sure that we will be able to achieve carbon neutrality”, Panchev added.

According to the guest, the goal is to achieve a more attractive investment and innovation environment.

“This will lead to better working conditions and better living conditions. In 2030, we expect air, water and the use of renewable sources in the industrial zone to attract people living in smaller settlements as well”.

“In 2030 we will be able to provide renewable energy for enterprises in the municipality of Rakovski”, said Plamen Panchev.

He stated emphatically that he wanted to solve all the problems regarding the water resource and said that he was optimistic that he would stop using drinking water for industrial needs.

“We want to digitize the administrative services at the municipal level, which are provided on the territory of the Industrial Zone”. 

“We are satisfied that the interest in Bulgaria as an investment destination is not declining despite the pandemic. There is serious investor interest from Bulgarian companies in the sectors supported by the Covid crisis such as pharmaceuticals, logistics, food processing”, the guest explained.

According to him, the economic consequences of the crisis will be felt sooner next year, as in 2020 most projects from 2019 are being implemented.

“Most of the companies in the Trakia Economic Zone plan to achieve carbon neutrality, and in line with European goals”.

“If we talk specifically about the industrial zone in the municipality of Rakovski – currently the electricity it uses is about 10-12 megawatts. By 2030 we will be able to provide renewable energy to enterprises, while they will use conventional power, optimizing energy efficiency in the area of the municipality”, explained Plamen Panchev.