The team of Hanon Systems won the cup of the First football tournament “TЕZ – Clean and Green Bulgaria”

The team of Hanon Systems won the cup of the First football tournament “TЕZ – Clean and Green Bulgaria”

The boys from Hanon Systems are the champions in the First Football Tournament “TЕZ – Clean and Green Bulgaria”. They won all their matches against the teams of the logistics hub of Kaufland Bulgaria, ABB – the company, an innovative technological leader in the field of products for electricity supply and electrical equipment and SiteGround – one of the largest independent hosting companies. The tournament was held in the Rakovski industrial zone, part of the Trakia Economic Zone / TEZ /, at the unique sports base of Kaufland – the largest logistics center in the retail sector in Bulgaria. More than 50 participants from the 4 companies took part in the competition.

“It is a great honor and pleasure to be the first host of a sporting event in support of the Clean and Green Bulgaria initiative. Bring this wonderful emotion to your workplaces and families and tell us about our common cause. Let the sports spirit win”! Emil Dimitrov, Head of Logistics at Kaufland Bulgaria, addressed the competitors.

Katya Staykova, director of Cluster Trakia Economic Zone, also asked to share with her children, relatives and friends the position of “Green and Clean Bulgaria” to stop the use of nature as a waste bin. She reminded that the cause initiated by the industry in TEZ under the auspices of the Cluster started last year. Then the team of Hannon Systems, the South Korean company that has a plant for the production and supply of pumping systems for the automotive industry in the Rakovski area, part of TEZ, ignited the spark of the national initiative with a 2-week cleaning campaign.

“The goal of “Clean and Green Bulgaria” is to change people’s minds – not to pollute, not just clean, to fight the causes, not just the consequences of their actions!” Said Staykova. She also drew attention to the following fact: Mass-discarded plastic cannot be recycled and will remain after us. According to estimates by the Australian University of Newcastle for WWF, each person unknowingly consumes about 5 grams of micro plastic per week – equal to the cap of a bottle. This and other rather stressful facts about the harm of the dumped waste on the health and life of the planet are written on roll-up banners made by Hanon Systems. Next to them were the participants in the First football tournament “TEZ – Clean and Green Bulgaria”. Roll banners are placed for 2 weeks in different factories – to reach the message to more people. There is an idea to provide them to the schools in the autumn.

“At Arena Kaufland we created a holiday that we will remember with many smiles! We certainly made new friends and supported a useful initiative for all,” said Hristo Andonov from Kaufland, the main organizer of the tournament. The kind hosts treated all the competitors to a delicious lunch. The dishes were prepared by the top chef of the panoramic restaurant in the logistics hub of Kaufland Bulgaria.