High-Tech Innovation Park aims to be a bridge between China and Europe. It is an important part of the Chinese strategy “Economic belt along the silk road” and is planned as a logistic center for goods from China to Europe and vice versa. Strategically positioned on both sides of the Trakia highway, the park is at the crossroad between Europe and Turkey.

The plan is to build a Chinese commercial center, exhibiting goods and services as well as a modern logistic center for export/import of goods between China and Europe.

Through different models such as online to offline (О2О), business to business (B2B), business to business to customer (B2B2C) or business to customer (B2C), the commercial and logistic center will service clients from all over the world.

Already in the first phase of the project, another 15,000 new jobs will be available.

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Project Description

Location: 15 km from Plovdiv City Center
Area: 2 600 000 sq.m.
Industries: Exhibition and e-commerce modern logistic center