They are conducting a study on the cybersecurity of companies in Trakia Economic Zone

They are conducting a study on the cybersecurity of companies in Trakia Economic Zone

Did you know that a video surveillance system can be an “Achilles’ heel” for cyber attacks on your organization? What are the most vulnerable places, the gaps in your entire IT ecosystem of used technologies that you identify?

The team of “Cluster Trakia Economic Zone” and Konica Minolta invite companies to fill out a short survey of 5 closed questions. Those who completed the survey participate in a prize – iPad 8, which will be drawn with a raffle on 15.02.2021. All those who completed the survey will receive a specially developed Whitepaper “Effective data protection in video surveillance systems (VSS)”.

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Why is the topic of cybersecurity of video surveillance systems important?

With the drastic changes in the business of various industries, telecommuting, empty office space and the need to provide remote access to work, video surveillance systems have become a potential easy target for malicious hacker attacks. In the past, this was rare due to the closed nature of the systems back then, but today’s modern camcorders are like computers with software applications connected to the network.

In response to these challenges, Konica Minolta and Mobotix are investing in the development and promotion of smart video surveillance systems. Mobotix is ​​the leading manufacturer of video surveillance systems with a focus on cybersecurity and is developing a one-of-a-kind Mobotix Cactus Concept strategy. The name of the concept was not chosen by chance, it is based on an analogy with cacti, which are extremely resistant, adaptable and incredibly durable in all weather conditions, have remarkable hidden potential and benefits.

MOBOTIX Cactus Concept protects every element in the CCTV system from cyberattacks before it’s too late! See more at


Detailed information can be obtained from the team of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Bulgaria on national tel: 0700 42022, email:

Stay invulnerable to cyber attacks and viruses!