Bulgarian exports increased by nearly 10%

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Bulgarian exports increased by nearly 10%

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Bulgarian exports are increasing by nearly 10% between January – May 2019, compared to the same months in 2018.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy Lilia Ivanova during the annual meeting of the Ambassadors of the Republic of Bulgaria. She highlighted that the dynamics of Bulgarian foreign trade in the first months of this year are extremely good, and this is as a result of the joint efforts with our representatives abroad.

According to her the good news is that there is a trend towards an increase in exports not only within the EU but also towards third countries.

“The structure of our foreign trade continues to improve and Bulgarian companies sell more and more finished products with higher added value for the economy”, Ivanova added.

Bulgaria’s EU exports grow 7.3% in the first four months of this year with Germany, Romania, Italy, Greece, France, and Belgium which are forming 67.3% of our exports to the EU.

Exports to third countries are increasing by over 14% and our country’s leading partners are Turkey, China, Serbia, USA, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Northern Macedonia.