60 students from 4 high schools start practice in Trakia Economic Zone

60 students from 4 high schools start practice in Trakia Economic Zone

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“Today we are moving to another level of development of industrial zones – we are creating their real connection with education, because without human capital we cannot move forward.”

This was stated by the Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov during the presentation of the project “Access to Technologically Modern Educational Environment” for students from several high schools, the Trakia Economic Zone announced.

The companies from Trakia Economic Zone with proposals on how to avoid “economic quarantine”

The initiative is implemented by the team of “Trakia EDU” to Trakia Economic Zone with the financial support of the Foundation “America for Bulgaria”. The Minister thanked the President of the America for Bulgaria Foundation Nancy Schiller for the partnership on the project, which benefits both students and businesses.

“Four years ago, I met Eng. Plamen Panchev, the founder of the Trakia Economic Zone, and admired his vision for the future, his vision for business and commitment to education.

“The very fact that he has brought all of you and us here together shows that he continues to work in this direction. It is very encouraging to see what the joint effort can do”, said Mrs Schiller.

Initially, the “Access to Technologically Modern Educational Environment” project will cover 60 students from 11th and 12th grade of 4th vocational high schools in the Trakia Economic Zone – PS St. St. Kiril and Metodii – the village of Kalekovets, the Secondary School of Agriculture – the village of Belozem, the Vocational High School of Mechanical Engineering – Plovdiv and the Secondary School of Food Technology and Equipment – Plovdiv. “The goal is training in a modern material and technical base with teaching the necessary knowledge and skills for the industry”, explained Eng. Plamen Panchev.

This will facilitate the realization of young people in manufacturing enterprises in professions such as machine technician, machine operator, machine fitter, electrician, mechatronics. 

The practical classes, which will start at the end of October, will be held at the Vocational Training Center “Trakia”, which is located in the Rakovski area, part of the TEZ.

The center is equipped with the latest technology in training, in practice classes are with industrial equipment from leading global companies such as SMC, ABB, Schneider Electric, Milara International and others.

Some of the internships will be in the factories in TEZ, the companies will join with their lecturers, the training programs are prepared by lecturers from the University of Food Technology.

Ivanka Kirkova, head of the Regional Department of Education in Plovdiv, stressed that the mayors, business and school representatives gathered today are not only partners but also like-minded people who actually develop vocational education in direct contact with companies. She also thanked the America for Bulgaria Foundation for financial support for the project.

The companies from Trakia Economic Zone with a declaration: We apply all measures against the coronavirus

“Trakia Economic Zone has become an institution that represents Bulgaria abroad, presents us to international investors. TEZ and its management are part of the team of the Ministry of Economy”, Minister Borissov told those present at the event.

He added: “We have other ideas with Eng. Panchev, which put the development of industrial zones on a new level. We will work for the Green Deal, for carbon-neutral industrial parks, and we envisage building a photovoltaic park in the Rakovski area, part of TEZ, so that the companies that are here will be “green”. We hope that this idea will be transferred to other industrial centers”.

The Minister of Economy did not stop with the good news. He presented a Class A investor certificate to Balkan Agriculture, another new investor in the Trakia Economic Zone – on the territory of Maritsa Municipality. The certificate was received by the executive director of the company Stoycho Georgiev.

“I would like to note that despite the crisis, we are in a unique period – only the certified projects since the beginning of the year under the Investment Promotion Act are for BGN 700 million, and the estimates given by the BNB as financial data on foreign direct investment for the first 7 months there are 1 billion and 400 million euros of investments, which is 53.4 percent growth on an annual basis”, said Minister Borissov.

He stressed that thanks to the Class A investor certificate of Balkan Agriculture, Maritsa Municipality will receive BGN 1 million from the state for bringing infrastructure to the company’s plant.

The same amount will be received by the Municipality of Plovdiv, due to the issued certificate for investor “Class A” of the company “BTL Industries”. The Executive Director of BTL Industries Georgi Petkov shared a joint idea with Eng. Plamen Panchev – the establishment in the TEZ of a laboratory for accredited activities for testing test specimens and calibration of technical means.

Now, for example, a company buys a machine that needs to be tested over a period of time. The company is forced to send this machine somewhere in Europe, the USA, Canada and to stop production for weeks or to buy a spare device, which is put into use several times a year, so as not to interrupt the production process.

On-site calibration in Plovdiv will solve this huge problem, Georgi Petkov is convinced. The business is expected to summarize what is useful for it so that this laboratory can start working soon.

Evelina Apostolova, Deputy District Governor of Plovdiv District, Pavel Gudjerov – Mayor of Rakovski Municipality, Dimitar Ivanov – Mayor of Maritsa Municipality, Maria Belcheva – Mayor also took part in today’s presentation of the project “Access to Technological Modern Educational Environment” and the discussions of Kuklen Municipality, directors of vocational high schools and representatives of companies from Trakia Economic Zone.