The Electric Truck Plant will start production in TEZ in mid-2019

The Electric Truck Plant will start production in TEZ in mid-2019

2018 was a successful year for Trakia Economic Zone, as it reported € 150 million in investments. “We are proud to mention that large amount of the investments are Bulgarian. We have some great news. The project for mini-electric trucks will be a reality in the middle of this year. We have formalized our partnership with a Chinese and a Luxembourg company”, commented Vyara Pancheva , Project Manager at Trakia Economic Zone, in the show “Business Start” with Hristo Nikolov . 

“The first aircraft factory of the French company Latecoere is also among the good news, and the first sod was made by the Turkish-German company Farba – which manufactures automobile lights for Mercedes in the Kuklen Industrial Zone. Among us is the high-tech manufacturing company Spinner that produces machinery with digital-program management, an investment from Turkey and Germany. Also between 1 and 10 million is invested by existing investors, expanding their production sites.”

“In the spring of 2019, we expect the Kaufland logistics base to be expanded”, said Vyara Pancheva. “We also have inquiries from investors in the automotive and aviation industry”.

Together with “Limacon”, we are currently organizing a forum, dedicated to solutions and practices in support of different business areas. We believe that the meeting between executives in the area can help multiply the useful experience of their companies. “ 

The Educational Board also had a wonderful year – 5 high-tech enterprises joined the last program of the board, together with 168 students and 5 primary schoolsPancheva said. We plan to double these figures next year and connect most of the business and education in the city.