Powerful companies with factories near Plovdiv with a joint declaration

Powerful companies with factories near Plovdiv with a joint declaration

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33 of Trakia Economic Zone (TEZ) companies and a university have issued a joint statement to the media and the public stating that they work with extreme care and responsibility for the coronavirus situation to ensure the physical, psychological and economic health of their employees.

“The deadline for signing the declaration was extremely short, literally hours, and not all companies were able to get involved. I am convinced that the other 130 companies in Trakia Economic Zone are implementing all measures against the coronavirus and will sign the declaration in the next days”, Plamen Panchev, the founder of the largest industrial zone not only in Bulgaria but also In Eastern Europe.

TEZ is home to over 180 companies, half of which are foreign, with more than 35,000 people. Some of the factories are working over 2,000 employees. “Through this Declaration, we would like to reduce the panic that is currently being created, to reassure workers from the companies in the TEZ that all precautions are taken for their health and safety”.

Mr. Panchev further adds that the team of Cluster Trakia Economic Zone, which operationally manages TEZ is trying to help supply companies with protective equipment and disinfectants. The established community in Trakia Economic Zone is extremely helpful in such crisis situations are the managers of the company.

The text of the declaration to the media and the Bulgarian public:

In today’s challenging times, it is key to ensure clear, fact-based and truthful communication to the public. TEZ’s members are working carefully and responsibly to ensure the physical, psychological and economic health of our employees.  

We are taking all possible measures to:

  • detect people with symptoms by temperature checking and on-site medical assistance
  • prevent infections by extensive disinfection of workplaces, common areas, and company transportation, as well as keeping strict hygiene standards in our cafeterias
  • break up large groups of people by using the home office as much as possible, ensuring safe working distance, splitting breaks, minimizing contact between different shifts, etc.
  • inline with recommendations of the World Health Organization, we ensure protective equipment
  • ensure we are complying or exceeding all recommendations from the local health inspection, which has been verified by several checks already.
  • we monitor the situation continuously and scale the measures accordingly.
  • depending on the particular production activities, some members have taken additional measures.

However, nothing can replace the personal responsibility of every one of us. Please measure your temperature, stay home if you have a fever or cough, keep a distance a minimum of 1.5 meters. Most importantly, please report your contacts with anyone who is suspected of infection or who has traveled to high-risk countries. This keeps you, your families and colleagues safe.

At the same time, it is crucial that we ensure our long-term success, to maintain and keep creating new jobs in the future. Many businesses and families have been hit hard by the crisis. Some of our customers have announced shutdowns, but luckily most are still working and ordering from us. We have the social responsibility to not let them down. Their business would stop if we do not deliver our products. The jobs and incomes of many families depend on that – not only ours but these of our customers across the world. 

We need the full support of all employees, government and media to navigate this difficult time together – with care, mutual understanding, and responsibility!

List of the first 33 companies and 1 higher education institute that have signed the Declaration /the names are in alphabetical order/:

“ABB Bulgaria Ltd – Rakovski branch, Amer Sports Bulgaria Ltd, Andi BG EOOD, Bio fresh Ltd, Velotec Ltd, Vitanea Ltd, University of Agribusiness and Rural Development – Plovdiv, Wuerth Electronic Ibe BG Ltd, ENKO Plastics Ltd, ZGP Ltd, ZGP Bulgaria JSC, Index – 6 Ltd, Intercomplex Ltd, INCH-FRIGO Ltd, Katrin – KO Ltd, Krago Ltd, KCM 2000 Group, Liebherr Hausegerate Maritsa Ltd, Lider 96 Ltd, Maxcom Ltd, Mecalit Bulgaria Ltd, odelo Bulgaria Ltd, Prolift Ltd, Sensata Technologies Bulgaria Ltd, Sienit Holding JSC, Super Finish 2000 Ltd, Teolino Plast Ltd, Techno Aktash JSC, William Hughes Bulgaria Ltd, Haycad Infotech, Chipolino Ltd, Jupiter – 05 Ltd, Jupiter Metal Ltd.