Trakia Economic Zone will train and create new skilled workforce

New investor in TEZ

Trakia Economic Zone will train and create new skilled workforce

A new investor will process fruit and vegetables in an enterprise for 14m euros


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Author: Zhivka Tancheva

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This will happen in the specially built facility developed by the cluster under the ‘Innovations & Competitiveness’ Operational Programme, as announced by Plamen Panchev, chief executive of Trakia Economic Zone.

He made one further point to announce that “TRAKIA” project had come to completion (the abbreviation stands for the Bulgarian name of ‘Targeted Development and Update of Cluster Information Assets) concerning the equipment of a vocational training center to produce skilled personnel. Under the said project, 10 study rooms get started for theoretical training, plus 1 more for practical studies, equipped with 211 computers and a modern software.

There will be an opportunity for 20 students being trained in each room. These are to receive studies in mechatronics, electric wiring, operation of handling machinery and vehicles, turnery, fitter’s trade, and more professional skills as happen to be in demand by the businesses established in TEZ.

Worth noting is that an e-platform is underway meant to manage the training process. Both companies in TEZ as well as outside clients may benefit from the technological infrastructure, the training courses, and the practical exercises.

The total figure of the project comes at BGN 1 754 167,51, of which BGN 1 057 221,95 is EU-funded, and BGN 186 568,61 subject of national co-funding. Emil Dimitrov who is in charge of the project, announced that they have been successfully working for two years now with the Ministry of Economics. A shared infrastructure will be at service of all the businesses established in the zone, and the training courses will be open to every employer and its personnel in the autumn of Y2019, Dimitrov made clear.

The 181st company in the manufacturing and processing industry comes up and running in a month in Trakia Economic Zone. This was announced by the Mayor of Maritsa Municipality, Dimitar Ivanov. As made clear, the company will invest in a production and storage facility at the cost of EUR 4 M, thereafter, is to establish a fruit and vegetable processing facility to be worth EUR 10 M.

The company run by Muhanned Al-Nuaimi has thus far invested in Pazardzhik. However, following its market research, it shifted towards the municipality and Kalekovetz village for the valid reason that the majority of Bulgarian agrarian producers are mostly found in that region which makes their products immediately available to feed into the manufacturing cycle.

The Mayor of Maritsa Municipality made the point that over 230 building permits had been procured, mainly to new investors in workshops, factories and manufacturing facilities.