Gabrovo and Trakia Economic Zone became partners

Gabrovo and Trakia Economic Zone became partners

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The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed on January 10 by the Mayor of Gabrovo Tanya Hristova and the Chairman of the Cluster Trakia Economic Zone, Eng. Plamen Panchev. In this way, the Gabrovo region is included in the territorial scope of the Trakia Economic Zone.

According to the signed document the parties will work to achieve strategic goals: attract large-scale investors in Gabrovo; creation of modern business infrastructure on the territory of the existing industrial zones; assistance in the development of high-tech companies; creating an environment conducive to innovation; supporting the development of Common Spatial Plans providing for the infrastructural development of industrial zones; providing staff for the needs of the industry through joint projects in the field of higher and secondary vocational education and early career guidance; promotion of the region and internationalization.

The municipality of Gabrovo and Cluster Trakia Economic Zone will work together to assist Bulgarian and foreign investors, raise funds for analysis, research, and design, actively participate in interagency working groups, domestic and international economic forums. The partners will also strive to create a mechanism for preventing unfair competition between the different regions by attracting investors and creating opportunities for real and informed choice when locating the investment site.

The Memorandum will serve as a basis for the preparation of a follow-up agreement for the implementation of a public-private partnership between the Municipality of Gabrovo and Cluster Trakia Economic Zone.

“The purpose of this partnership is together to achieve real positive economic impact in the development of Gabrovo municipality”, said Mayor Tanya Hristova at the signing.

TEZ is a successful model of public-private partnership. With over 180 enterprises and over € 2 billion in investment, it has made Plovdiv the industrial capital of Bulgaria, thanks to the cooperation between 9 municipalities – Plovdiv, Asenovgrad, Kaloyanovo, Kuklen, Maritsa, Parvomay, Rakovski, Rodopi, and Stamboliyski, two associations – Cluster Trakia Economic Zone and Cluster Information and Communication Technologies Plovdiv, and the business. “In the last two years alone, investments in TEZ have reached EUR 300 million”, said the founder of the largest and most sustainable industrial zone in Eastern Europe, Eng. Panchev.