Vocational Training Center Trakia develops Plovdiv’s industrial staff

Trakia EDU - Vocational traning center Trakia - Trakia Economic Zone

Vocational Training Center Trakia develops Plovdiv’s industrial staff

The first Vocational Training Center in an industrial zone was opened in Trakia Economic Zone this September.

In BNT 2 broadcast – In Focus: The Region, the Project Manager of TEZ – Vyara Pancheva and her interlocutors, discussed the potentials of the Vocational Training Center TRAKIA. Here is what Vyara Pancheva shared about it:

 “This is the first such educational center which is located in an industrial area. As for the companies, we were sure they would be involved in this project. As I said, it was a really serious need and many of them (the companies) are ready to get involved in addition to training their employees and also equipping laboratories and providing specialists who can conduct the training.”  

The center is an element that Plovdiv has needed for a long time. The industry in Plovdiv has been changing in recent years and this necessitates the need for professional staff and specialists in the respective fields. TRAKIA Center aims to train the staff by qualifying and retraining future staff for the plants in the city and the region so they could have the opportunity to be trained on a real technology that is also used in the production facilities in the area. This further motivates the trainees as they will have the opportunity to become familiar with the real machines they will use in the future.

The Center offers theoretical and practical education to the staff – first they are laying the foundations of the theoretical knowledge in the field, and then they have practical lessons. The highly qualified lectures who teach at the training center are selected by various vocational high schools and universities as well as by the industrial factories in the Plovdiv region.

You can check out the interview with Vyara Pancheva and Velislav Iliev from the Educational and Industrial Board in Plovdiv in the next video from 4:28.