They admitted Plovdiv as a capital of the new industry, 38 000 are the new available work places!

They admitted Plovdiv as a capital of the new industry, 38 000 are the new available work places!

38 000 are the new available work places, created in Plovdiv and area through the last year. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov at the opening of the third edition of the International Business Forum “INDUSTRY 4.0” a reporter at reporter.  

“Plovdiv has become in capital of the new Bulgarian industry”, praised the hosts and revealed that the latest research ranks the industry first in terms of industrial property permits- 146, leaving even the capital far back.  

Speaking of “Industry 4.0”- the new industrial revolution, the Deputy Minister pointed out that there is now a period of global growth. “For Bulgaria, as a forecast, we expect a significant increase in investment- 8.9% compared to 2018th and 9.5% next year” he said. That is way the issue of the digitization of society and the economy is extremely important, and Bulgaria has keeps up with the trend so as not to be catching up.   

“I expect the National Assembly to adopt a bill that will regulate the issue of dual training”, Borisov revealed.  

Industry is one of the pillars of the European economy. The EU manufacturing sector includes 2 000 000 enterprises providing employment to 33 000 000 European citizens and contributing 60 % growth to the economy. We are witnessing a new wave of innovation that brings enormous opportunities for European and particular for Bulgarian industry. According to research, the digitization of products and services can add more than €110 billion euro in revenue per year to the European economy,” said Ognyan Zlatev, the head of the EC presidency in Bulgaria. He pointed out that for the first time, commissioner Maria Gabriel would propose a “Digital Europe” program, which will provide funding for supercomputers, artificial intelligence, cyber security and skills acquisition to improve the skills of the workface and consumers, digitization of public administration and others.   

“With these investments the European approach which no one excludes and Bulgaria must be a key participant in these processes”, said Zlatev and in this respect commended the efforts of the Bulgarian government for our country’s participation in the fourth industrial revolution.   

The conduct of Forum “Industry 4.0” is part of strategy of the municipality of Plovdiv together with the neighboring municipalities, Trakia Economic Zone, the park Trakia to change to region.   

With the help of many partners we are making a great change, thanks to which we are talking about the stormy development of South Bulgaria”, said Ivan Totev minutes before the opening of the third edition of the international business forum, which will consider the topics like New Industrial Map of Europe; Policies to stimulate industrial growth; Industry 4.0: Next level to technology development and effective; Bulgaria and Industry 4.0; Industry 4.0 as an instrument of circular economy: Prevent value loss; Machine automation and usability for people; Data- based strategies: Digital transformation and intelligent business decision.