Affiliates & Partners

Affiliates & Partners
The development of Trakia Economic Zone in 2014 united the Plovdiv Municipality, another 8 local municipalities and several associations. Thanks to the successful public-private partnership model, TEZ has been able to efficiently coordinate and co-operate with local and state government, educational institutions, associations and business communities.

• Bulgarian Investment Agency
• 9 municipalities /Plovdiv, Asenovgrad, Kaloyanovo, Kuklen, Maritsa, Parvomay, Rakovski, Rodopi, Stamboliyski/
• Regional Administration Plovdiv
• German Fraunhofer Institute - the largest community in Europe for science and business
• Educational-Industrial Board with the Ministry of Education and Science, Cluster Trakia Economic Zone and "Industry Watch"
• Trakia Economic Zone Cluster
• Information and Communication Technologies Plovdiv Cluster
• Green Synergy Cluster
• Industrial Cluster “Srednogorie”
• Automotive Cluster Bulgaria
• Executive Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
• Bulgarian-Chinese Association for Business Development
• American Chamber of Commerce
• German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce
• French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Plovdiv
• Bulgarian-Nordic Chamber of Commerce
• Greek Business Council in Bulgaria
• The Association of Business Clusters in Bulgaria

List of all partners of Trakia Economic Zone