Trakia Economic Zone

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Park Innovation

Park Innovation

MAIN COMPONENTS: Exhibition and e-commerce center.Modern logistic center

PROJECT GOAL:To be a bridge between China and Europe, part of the "One-road, One-belt" concept.To become a one-stop solution for all Chinese and European products.

Area - 2 600 000 m2

The “Euro-Chinese Economic Development Zone” (ECEDZ) is part of “Trakia Economic Zone” that aims to create a bridge between China and Europe on the ancient Silk Road and turn into a thriving centre of industry, trade, and modern logistics. The geographic location of Bulgaria positions the country at the “doorway” to Europe on the ancient Silk Road. ECEDZ is strategically located on the Trakia highway connecting Europe and Turkey. Additionally the expected concession of the Plovdiv airport, planned for the beginning of 2016, will contribute for the logistics and business development of the whole region. The strategy of the Chinese government to revive the Silk Road not only for exchange of goods but also of culture, will be effectively implemented by ECEDZ.

Total area: 2 600 000 sq.m.

New jobs to be created: for the 1st stage about 15 000

Main parts: Chinese exhibition and commercial center; modern logistics center for export/import of goods between China and Europe; European exhibition and commercial center for Bulgarian and EU goods; Bulgarian – Chinese University for exchange of students

Concept: Through different models such as online to offline (О2О), business to business (B2B), business to business to customer (B2B2C), business to customer (B2C) the commercial and logistics center will service clients from all over the world.

Cooperation opportunities: attracting strategic Chinese companies as strategic investors and shareholders, as well as partners in the fields of logistics, light industry, assembly, e-commerce services, etc.