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Maritza Industrial & Commercial Zone

Area: 5 000 000 m2

Location: 6 km from Plovdiv

Industries: engineering, electronics, food, logistics

The zone is located in Plovdiv region, Maritza municipality comprising the territory of three villages, namely Radinovo, Tzarat­zovo, and Benkovski. The property development of Maritza municipality started at the end of the 90s with number of industrial facilities of foreign investors off the ground, such as Ferrerro, Liebherr, and Socotab. On present form, the area adds up to ca. 5 000 decares, with upward of 30 separate facilities operating there, among them some of the the leading industrial facilities within the region. Factors to the effective development of the area are the excellent transport utilities, via Trakya MotorWay – to Sofia, Bourgas, the Near East, as well as the connections to Smolyan, and Karlovo via Plovdiv ring road. The close proximity to Plovdiv, theBulgarian second-largest city (within a 10 km distance) provides the labor resources needed. A railway track crosses the zone, i.e. Plovdiv – Pa­nagyurishtewhich adds to the transport convenience by the railway means. The utility connection to the mains gas line in Southern Bulgaria and the established 110кVpower substation meets the energy demand of the facilities.

Currently, a number of major projects are well down on the blueprints or in the process of construction in the sectors of lo­gistics, production, and commerce, e.g. theLogistics Base of Sensor D, over ca. 50 000 sqm area, Commercial & Logistics Zone of Sensor and Gazit over ca. 150 000 sqm GFA, Logistics& Cargo Terminal of Sienit complete with a railway terminal, Logistics Zone of Logistica Maritza OOD over ca. 28 000 sqm, as well as a zone comprising storages and small-size production facilities of ST Investover ca. 500 decare.

The project is located over ca. 80 decare comprising three logistics buildings and a petrol filling station with a shared road infrastructure. The buildings consist of modular sections of 4 000 sqm each. The overall gross floor area of the development comes up to ca. 50 000 sqm. The concept underlying the project allows for pooling the sections, with the view to come up with larger integrated facilities for storage and transport shipping purposes. The project is in the process of construction.

The zone combines two major projects – a commercial development along the lines of a Retail Park of the international concern Gazit, and the commercial & storage base of Sensor comprising a number of separate buildings for common purposes. The projects come situated over ca. 700 decare making use of shared transport utilities. The concept features the construction of a railway stop and a bus shuttle line to Plovdiv. Presently, the construction of the infrastructure is ongoing.

The project comes over ca.120 decare comprising three logistics buildings. The buildings are structured in common modular sections over 60 000 sqm aggregate area. The concept underpinning the project features the establishment of a direct connection to Trakya Motor Way, an industrial turnoff for having a cargo terminal, and a truck park.

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